Sanctuary Cove

Your Still Place in a Turning World


Membership Information

If you would like to become a member of Sanctuary Cove, working with like minded individuals to help preserve this special place, send an email to Annie Bunker She'll reply and be glad to talk with you.  If the link does not work with your browser, send you email to anne AT sanctuarycove DOT org. (change the AT to @ and DOT to a . period)

The membership application process is simple.  The responsibility of membership is not.

Sanctuary Cove members help the organization in many ways:

Volunteer from time to time to help with projects like Trail Maintenance and Buffle Grass Mitigation.

Attend a yearly Membership Meeting.

Support and promote the Mission of Sanctuary Cove.

Help Sanctuary Cove by telling your friends and family about the Guest Cottage and other public outreach activities.

Volunteer time, energy, financial support, thoughts or ideas.

How to become a member:
The Membership at Sanctuary Cove is simple. Send an introductory email to Secretary Annie Bunker by following the link above. In your email, describe the reasons you desire membership, your relationship to Sanctuary Cove,  any history with Non-Profit service and three references. Let her know any specifics of how you could contribute to the Mission of Sanctuary Cove.

Why there is a membership process:
Sanctuary Cove is unique.  From time to time, it requires protection from Special Interests.  These Special Interests can come in many forms. In the recent past, large scale development threatened to negatively impact visitors to Sanctuary Cove. Members were called to action and asked to attend Town Hall Meetings, write letters of support and help develop a protection plan of action.

Members must be able to put the needs of The Public and the Mission of Sanctuary Cove ahead of personal interests and ideas. Not all applicants are able to do this. For example, conflict of interest issues may exist with close property owners. Some individuals may have ideas for Sanctuary Cove that are not in alignment with our Mission.

Applicants are screened and vetted for possible conflicts.  The goal is not to discourage participation, but to protect and maintain the Mission of Sanctuary Cove above all other considerations.  Your application is reviewed by the Sanctuary Cove Board of Directors. You may be asked for a telephone or personal interview with Board Members. Remember: You do not have to be a member to enjoy Sanctuary Cove, or assist us in our mission.

Benefits of Membership:

Membership of Sanctuary Cove is generally not time consuming or demanding.

You can volunteer for special projects as your time allows.

Participating in Sanctuary Cove activities helps maintain and protect a unique place that has been promoting peace and self reflection for over 50 years.