Sanctuary Cove

Your Still Place in a Turning World


Sanctuary Cove Guest Cottage. Your opportunity to spend evenings at Sanctuary Cove in Peace and Comfort!

Originally built in the late 1960's, the Guest Cottage has been restored and updated with modern amenities, making it the perfect place for some quiet time away for prayer, study, meditation or creative exploration for one to
three people. The minimum stay is generally three days. Maximum one week. Longer or shorter stays must be approved by the Board.

Designed for flexibility, efficiency and environmental sensitivity, the Guest Cottage is also suitable for larger groups, (up to 15), for day long private classes or workshops.

The Guest Cottage features comfortable interior space, with modern bathroom, kitchen and sleeping amenities, as well as a 500 square foot covered outdoor patio area.

The Guest Cottage can also be used in conjunction with a Wedding Event, a perfect place for Bride and Wedding Party preparation or small non-alcoholic reception.

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Back covered patio area. Safford Peak and The Tucson Mountains in the backyard. Also included is a private trail and meditation garden.

The patio is a wonderful place for a small wedding reception.

The Cottage is the perfect place for Wedding Prep, and even for spending a wedding night!