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We are a non-profit organization, private property open to the public.

We are a non-profit organization, private property open to the public.

We are a non-profit organization, private property open to the public.We are a non-profit organization, private property open to the public.

With Thanks from The Caretakers


My husband Jackson and I moved to Sanctuary Cove last June to become the on-site Caretakers of this gorgeous, fragile, and unique property. As only one in a long line of Caretakers who have done, and will do, our small part to protect and preserve this land for the people who visit, the animals and plants who live here, and, for posterity, we are honored to be a part of this continuum.

If you are reading this, that means that you also, are a part of the continuum of caring people who have made a significant contribution to our cause and we thank you on behalf of the board of directors of All Creeds Brotherhood. Please enjoy this little glimpse into our year in photos.  

Also, please keep us in your thoughts as this 2019 progresses. We are watching the Lazy K Pulte development literally scrape every plant off the earth and all of the animals who made this desert their home are now gone. The 20 acres directly to our north which buffer our property from these 178 new homes are now for sale. We are too small an organization to produce the kind of capital campaign that would be required to raise the money to purchase this land and add it to our preserve. The best we can do is hope that the buyer will have enough heart, soul, and vision to allow this land to remain as untouched as possible. If any of you out there have any ideas to help us, we are all ears!

Thanks again for your support of our mission, we remain dedicated to keeping this beautiful place, "A Still Place in a Turning World" as long as we can.

My Best, Ali Boelts, Caretaker


A Year in Photos

Monsoon 2018- The good...


The beauty,

Monsoon 2019- the bad...


The destruction...

MONSOON 2019 - THE ugly...


We sustained significant damage to roads, trails and washes all over the property.

News coverage


Suddenly, we are in  the spotlight  with other Marana businesses that were impacted by the massive amount of rain...

A massive effort


Our Volunteers are amazing! Between July 2018 and January 2019, they took on several repair projects that ensured our safe operation!

incredible kindness


Pictured is Kevin Blackwell and his wife, they have donated a huge amount of time, labor and equipment that we need to maintain the Cove. Thank you Kevin and River Lane Remodeling LLC



The stuff is bad news and we are making a tiny dent in the proliferation of this invasive species on our property! In fall, we will be organizing volunteer days to help eradicate as much as we can.

Plumbing woes


Pipes had cracked under the pressure of rocks being pushed by roots :(. This massive repair really drained our reserves...

A dusting of snow


What a treat to behold! Safford Peak looked like  a giant frosted cupcake. Winter at the Cove was a wonderful experience. We enjoyed a nice fire using wood we had cleared from dead mesquite. We also used the smaller branches to create piles that birds and small animals can use for protection from predators.

bat conservation international!


BCI and a group of Cub Scouts helped us plant 26 agave pups which will help the endangered lesser long-nose bat (when they mature and throw blossom spikes!)

Easter sunrise


This tradition carries on each year and is always beautiful, inspiring and spiritual for all faiths and creeds.

Organizational PARTNERS!


ACB/Sanctuary Cove partnered with  Borderlands Restoration and Coronado Outdoors to offer information and sell our wares at the Winter 4th Avenue Street Fair.

new moon star party!


The Tucson Amateur Astronomers Association brought two incredible telescopes and their expertise to our exclusive audience for an evening of stargazing.



Our lovely Chapel and Amphitheater still serve as a memorable site for weddings and celebrations of life!

The labyrinth


These meditative sites are placed all over the planet and serve as a conduit between the universe and the inner voice of humans who seek its message

every single morning


The caretakers make the walk at sunrise to unlock the gates... it is quite a privilege!

new donation box!


Justin Possert donated this awesome metal donation box which he installed in our lower parking lot. Our cash donations have increased ten fold since installation!

trail repair


The trail to the Labyrinth used to be a dangerous, rutted mess. A group of incredibly generous and hard-working volunteers spent a whole morning hauling wheelbarrow loads of dirt to fill in the erosion.

tshirt fundraiser!


We had a small batch of tshirts printed as a fundraiser which has been quite successful. WE still have some in Large and XLarge if you are interested!

trail repair crew


What can we say about this marvelous caring generous bunch of kind humans? WE LOVE YOU!

Spring growth


After an incredibly wet winter, the spring growth created WAVES of color as each species grew, blossomed and carried it's future on the wind.

VISITORS honor this place


We are lucky that our visitors are very respectful-- sometimes they leave notes in the Chapel book, sometimes small tokens like this.  We are grateful that we rarely see litter or other violations.



Sunset behind the Amphitheater-- there is nowhere on earth more beautiful.

the best of arizona


If you wish to experience the very best that our desert has to offer, please come, visit, hike, pray and stay at our cottage! We are, and will remain, A Still Place in a Turning World.

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