Thanks to an incredibly generous and hard working group of dedicated volunteers who came to work in the heat on Monday July 16, the Cove has been reopened. The work done has made the main road and areas around the Chapel and Amphitheater safe for visitors again.
Now, the heavy construction begins!
All Creeds Brotherhood is seeking the following services to help us complete our repairs:
Professional Excavation
Fill material for eroded trails
Volunteer work crews

Significant storm damage at Sanctuary Cove; we need YOUR help! Scroll down for pictures!

There has not been this much flood damage to the grounds of Sanctuary Cove since 1983. On Wednesday, July 10, a major storm dumped more than two inches of rain in an hour over our area. Huge volumes of water running downhill from Safford Peak tore out hundreds of plants and cacti, sending them downstream, clogging bridges and littering roads and washes. Trails and roads are similarly affected. The main road to the caretaker's and rental cottages are badly damaged. The Chapel and Amphitheater areas are rutted with deep scars.

The Board of All Creeds Brotherhood is reaching out to the community of supporters who love this natural place and wish to see it perserved forever. We need your help. The funds needed to repair this damage include money to pay for fill material, a rental front-loader,  and a roll-off for plant debris. Many hours of volunteer work will be required to restore all areas.

Please consider a genrerous donation to help us manage this unexpected cost. Please also consider giving some of your time to work on the restoration project. Thank you!

Join Us!

Please send us your email address if you are interested in volunteering for restoration work. Thank you!