Our Wish List!

AC Mini Split for Caretakers


Our Caretakers House is a great place to live but in the deepest hottest, most humid summer, it's awfully hot with just Swamp cooling. We would love to add a mini-split AC to make summer more bearable. Can you help?

Help with Heavy Lifting!


Caring for our 80 acres requires a lot of hauling and sometimes tasks are more than can be done with shovels and wheelbarrows. A small utility vehicle or tractor would help us get everything finished.

Volunteer groups


We are always looking for groups (corporate, scouts, faith-based, etc) to come for a property improvement project. If you are interested in scheduling a work day, please contact our caretakers.



We don't need much printing but when we send appeal letters and marketing messages for our fundraiser events, the printing and postage can take a real bite out of our budget. 

Paper and cleaning Products


We go through a lot of TP, Paper Towels and cleaning supplies including trash bags keeping the Cove clean and safe. All donations help us keep our out-of pocket costs to a minimum.

Art and Music


Your donations of live music (for events) and works of art (to be used for fundraising activities) will be gratefully acknowledged and these especially unique gifts become a part of our culture and history.


If you are able to donate any of these needed items, please contact the Caretakers or any Member fo the Board of Directors. Your donations are tax deductible in accordance with State and Federal Laws.